Quick as a Flash: Teeth Whitening in Sydney CBD

patient having her dental check up

There are many occasions when it feels really important to look good: a big job interview, a first date or a presentation to secure the future of a company. Whatever the reason, making the most of the appearance feels crucial at such times, and there’s not always a lot of warning the event is coming up.

So, what is there to do? Book in at the hairdressers: check. Go buy a new outfit from a favourite shop: check. Visit the cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening in Sydney CBD: check? A trip to the dental surgery may not seem an obvious choice when preparing for a big event, but it’s actually just as vital as getting the nails and hair done. Practices in the city such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD offer this type of smile enhancement, alongside other cosmetic procedures.

The reason teeth whitening in Sydney CBD is a great choice for brightening up the smile is because it is quick and cheap. It is one of the lowest priced cosmetic dental treatments, and only takes an hour, if done in the dentist’s chair. This is called power whitening and, using a combination of high concentration gel and a UV light, it can brighten the teeth by up to 16 shades.

If a subtler method is preferred, teeth whitening in Sydney CBD can also be done in the comfort of home, over two weeks. It’s important to get this product from a dentist, because over-the-counter products don’t have the custom-made trays that protect the gums from being irritated by the whitening gel.

Why Get Teeth Whitening in Sydney CBD?

The smile is such an important aspect of our appearance and the one that others notice most readily. It doesn’t matter whether someone is rocking the latest designer outfit, what others will really notice is their smile. The human brain is hard-wired to respond to a genuine, warm smile, it’s part of our ancient survival mechanism. When someone flashes those pearly whites, in an instant, the subconscious responds and decides they can be trusted and are probably a great human being. How valuable would this response be on a first date or at a job interview?

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