Starting a Business Venture from the Back of a Van

Delivering Cakes Using Van

The challenges and costs of setting up a business can weigh heavily on start-ups and small business owners. Renting a commercial space alone can eat up a large chunk of your capital.

Owning a spacious van opens up business opportunities. Rather than spending money on a brick-and-mortar location, consider outfitting your van for commercial use. Installing partitions, custom racks, and shelving will help turn your van into a productive workspace for your business, notes

Moreover, your van serves as an instant promotional tool for your start-up. Driving around in a van displaying your business name, services, and contact information is an easy way to market your business to commuters, people in the street, and fellow drivers. This helps your van-based business reach a wider audience.

Travelling Retail Shop

Running a retail shop from a van is similar to opening a pop-up store. This trend, and its appeal among younger shoppers, will help boost your business.

Operating from the back of a van gives you more freedom on the products you want to offer. You can sell books, antiques, toys, or anything else — as long as it isn’t anything illegal, of course. Fairs and festivals also provide opportunities for selling your product.

Food Truck Venture

A food truck business may be one of your more profitable options. In fact, the value of the food truck industry continues to increase each year and is projected to reach nearly a billion dollars by 2020. Food trucks remain popular among consumers of all ages, from teenagers to young adults to middle-aged adults.

One of the keys to a successful food truck venture is creating an interesting and delicious menu. Setting up shop near offices, schools, parks, and tourist spots will attract plenty of customers.

Airport Transfers

If selling products isn’t your thing, then consider providing transport services. Specialising in airport transport service is great if you live near the airport. You can partner with a local hotel or guest house and drive their guests to and from the airport. You may even add sightseeing services for tourists and offer to take them to local attractions.

There is a wide variety of promising van-based business ventures you can explore. Take inspiration from your interests to pursue a niche business to go with your unconventional workspace.

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