So, There’s Instant Teeth for Sale Online


Instant SmileToday, you can buy almost anything online: cars, beauty products, vacations, diamond rings — even a new smile.

Quick online searches offer a variety of “cosmetic” teeth you can easily purchase. If you’re not fond of the dentist but want a better smile, “snap-on” teeth promises instant results. All you have to do is choose the product that fits you, and wait for the delivery.

To change the appearance of your smile, should you say yes to these products?

No, you shouldn’t.

Novelties, Not Therapeutic

Ads for cosmetic teeth clearly describe these products as temporary. Gentle Dentist says these "designed to fit" teeth will unlikely suit everyone, which is why most family dental practices in Brownsburg are against these. How can one product fit all?

Some types of instant teeth require heating to make them fit better, but most customers insist that adhesive keeps them in place. Since these products cover your existing teeth, it gives your mouth a bulky appearance.

Cosmetic teeth may also be uncomfortable. You can’t eat anything. Neither can you sleep peacefully. And if you’re hoping it’ll improve your romantic approaches, it won’t.

Dental Concerns

Unlike natural teeth, cosmetic teeth may be difficult to clean. You will need special cleaning products to ensure your temporary chompers remain healthy. Failure to clean them regularly could mean bad news for your pearly whites.

Wearing instant teeth for a longer period results in oral problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. The food residue on the tooth’s surface is hard to clean, which encourages bacteria growth. Before you know it, you’re suffering from a bad case of gingivitis or tooth sensitivity.

No matter how cheap or instant a product is, it’s no good deal if it doesn’t work for you. Temporary teeth may be inexpensive and convenient, but it will never feel right. Before you spend more on these cosmetic snap-ons, consult your dentist for better alternatives.

Implants, veneers, dentures, and crowns are must-have options. These proven methods cost more but they work better than instant fixes.

When it comes to your teeth, don’t settle for less. One-size-fits-all teeth can’t give you the best smile — tried and tested options can. 

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