Small Changes at Home that Make a Big Impact

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Do you live in an HDB flat? Or maybe somewhere with similar specs in terms of space? Have you ever drooled over those seemingly pristine flats on Pinterest that make the most of every inch of their rooms? Don’t worry, you can do that too, with the help of this article.

Here are the five small things you can improve that have big impacts.

Accessible Storage

Open shelves are amazing. They add big storage spaces with just a few holes drilled. They can be also be used for displaying items like collections or books. They are undeniably the easiest way to make the most of your empty walls.

Outfitting your home’s entryway with shelves and hooks is also an excellent way to keep clutter from getting into the rest of the house. You can leave shoes, bags, coats, and other items here.


A brand new coat of paint or an interesting wallpaper can add a new dimension to walls, rooms, ceilings, or even furniture. Make sure you consult lists like this one from Oberlo, explaining how different colours affect the human psyche.

Here’s a helpful video from Better Homes and Gardens to show you how to paint an old bathroom cabinet. Check out how much better the finished product is compared to how it used to be.


Like colours, choosing your lights will ultimately depend on your tastes. The important thing to remember is that lighting can have dramatic effects on your space depending on brightness and tint. Your light can emphasise the strengths or areas for improvement of your space, so be mindful of that.

You can go with dimmable lighting to give you that ambience when you need it. You can even use smart lightbulbs that you can control through your phone’s voice assistant. Awesome, right?


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Well, before you rush out to buy the best organiser you can find, it would be best to go through your things first. Take inventory of the items in your closet and make sure each item has been used in the last year. If not, you know what to do. Decluttering your stuff before fitting in some organisers will go a long way in saving space and keeping everything orderly.

Take it to the next level and sell your stuff online. The money you earn can go towards more home improvement projects.

Multipurpose Furniture

While cities get packed, homes are getting smaller. One of the responses the furniture industry has come up with to help save space is to create multipurpose pieces. These pieces of furniture can have two or more uses, like a mirror that doubles as an ironing board, or a chair that can turn itself to a ladder, or a couch that has shelf space underneath. These are excellent picks for your home if you want to save space.

Any good online furniture store should have what you need. If you’re having a difficult time finding pieces that you’re looking for, you can have them custom-built.

Sometimes changing the little things can make huge impacts on your home. Make sure to stay inspired and look for creative solutions. Here’s one of those drool-worthy lists mentioned earlier, from the Smart Local.

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