Six Surprising Benefits of Covering Windows With Shutters

Close up window shutters

Shutters are sought-after window treatments that lend more interest to any New Jersey space. They raise the level of privacy in rooms and moderate the flow of sunlight. With thick louvers, these attachments can have excellent soundproofing qualities to let you enjoy peace and quiet when desired.

But shutters in Fair Haven offer more benefits than what they usually get credit for. Below are some of the less appreciated advantages of having these enchanting window treatments.

Reducing Solar Heat Gain

Yes, shutters, exterior and interior ones alike, are exceptionally energy-efficient. They are made of solid material that can reduce heat transfer effectively. Shutters are no alternatives to ENERGY STAR–certified windows, but they serve as another hurdle the sun has to pass through to warm up the interiors.

Furthermore, they contribute to insulation, too. Although there are gaps around them and there is clearance between them and windows, they make it difficult for the conditioned air to move heat from the inside to the outside.

Ventilating Rooms Without Sacrificing Privacy

If you like to feel the chill of cool breezes and to dehumidify excessively warm indoor spaces, shutters can breathe in drafts while blocking the view. The adjustable slats of shutters let you open your windows to ventilate the rooms and stay hidden from prying eyes.

Preventing Discoloration

The sun beams not only visible light and infrared radiation but also ultraviolet rays. They break down color pigments chemically, causing furnishings to fade more quickly. If truth be told, it is impossible to reduce the presence of UV light inside the house to zero, but shutters can keep its levels considerably low.

Turning Niches to Cabinets

Shutters are also installable to other niches inside the house. If you have holes in the wall with open fronts, these coverings can instantly make them stylish cabinets. They can also work as room dividers.

Make sure, however, that they share the distinctive aesthetic elements of your window shutters. Design uniformity of fixtures can accentuate the unique character of your house.

Increasing Child Safety

Are you hesitant to open your windows completely because of the fear that your little ones may fall? Shutters can solve your dilemma. As mentioned, they have movable louvers that allow enough amount of light and air to pass through while restricting access. They come with strategically placed locks to further boost the security and child safety of your rooms.

Saving You on Tax After House Resale

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Window shutter installation can reduce the amount of tax you need to pay when selling your house. The Internal Revenue Service considers this project as a capital improvement because it enhances the value of your property, extends its useful life and adapts to new uses of space.

You can add this expense to the cost basis of your house, which in turn decrease your total profit from the sale. The profit, also called capital gain, may be taxable.

These window attachments are not for everybody, but anyone can appreciate their indisputable benefits. Shutters are not equal, so take your time to compare as many products as you can to find the right ones for your space.

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