Say hello to Invisalign Itero in London


Woman wearing invisalignThose who are considering getting their teeth straightened with Invisalign may already know that their dentist will need an impression of their teeth so that their custom-made aligners can be created. Until recently, getting the aligners meant having to have their mouths stuffed with goo so that an impression could be made. Making impressions is messy, sticky and can make the patient feel like they are being smothered. They can end up gagging and being unable to complete the procedure. Impressions are not always as accurate as one would like either. Fortunately, the introduction of Invisalign Itero in London has eliminated the need for goo.

The Invisalign Itero is a small, portable scanner that takes rapid, high-quality photographs of the teeth. As the pictures are taken, a computer programme uses them to produce a 3D model of the patient’s teeth on a nearby monitor. This can then be used to show how their teeth will look after treatment. This simple and quick process cuts down on appointment time at the dental practice and makes getting fitted for Invisalign much more pleasant. In London, Invisalign Itero is used by various Invisalign-accredited dentists, including Graham Tinkler.

The dentist holds the portable, hand-held scanner over the mouth and it takes only a couple of minutes to scan the interior with a radiation-free laser. The resultant digitally accurate 3D image of your teeth and soft tissue structures is later sent to the Invisalign laboratories for the creation of each patient’s customised aligners. The Itero scanner is very popular with Invisalign patients, but it can also be used for any dental treatment that requires impressions.

Goodbye to goo

Dentists who use the Itero scanner no longer need conventional impressions, which can be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant. Because they are not always accurate, patients sometimes have to go through the goo experience several times before they come out complete and intact. With Invisalign Itero in London there are guaranteed accurate impression from the start. This means quicker, better scans resulting in better-fitting aligners and a more comfortable patient experience. High-quality Itero scans also allow patients to see their teeth instantly in 3D, improving communication with the dentist throughout the consultation and the treatment process.

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