Save on Your Next Commercial Cleaning with These Simple Ideas

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A successful organization reviews their practices to see that everything is running economically. If your business depends on cleaning supplies for workplace hygiene, then you are not exempted. Commercial cleaning products or supplies come at different prices and so their performances vary.

Similarly, cleaning machines and paper products come in various capacities and systems. A product’s level of quality and rate of dilution have a significant impact on the outcomes. When determining the best cleaning solution, you need to consider all these factors.

Commercial cleaning is a labor-intensive practice. If the cleaners could save time in the process, then a lot of expenses can be reduced. Of course, janitorial expenses can never go away. But you can make the most of opportunities to minimize costs.

As you review your commercial cleaning costs, here are some tips that could help you save money for your business:

Buying best-value products only

Cleaning agents consist of different active ingredients and concentrations. That said, they perform differently. And just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it saves money. What if it cleans just 20% of what a more expensive product does?

Moreover, cheaper supplies may contain less active ingredients. That means it takes twice as much to complete the job. The result is a waste of time and profits. But where can you find best-value products? Consider a reliable source and stick to the brand.  Buying from one brand gives a stronger purchasing power. You can order high-quality cleaners and equipment in bulk to save more money. You won’t need to call multiple companies for support since you have a dedicated supplier.

Partnering with Group Purchasing Organizations

Did you know that prices for most accessories and products don’t fluctuate that much? The way you order makes an impact on the amount of money you spend in the long run. Around 72% of hospital supplies are ordered through Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO). This has been reported by the Healthcare Supply Chain Association.

The same study indicates that 96-98% of hospitals participate in at least 1 GPO to make procurement more convenient. The main benefit of joining these groups is that they provide negotiating power when you do volume purchasing.

Moreover, GPOs get commodities directly from manufacturers so their influence is big in case of product issues. Because they meet regularly with suppliers, GPOs get incentives to give top-notch quality.

Decanting solutions on your own

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You don’t need to buy prepackaged cleaners in spray bottles all the time. Instead, collect reusable bottles and let your workers decant the solutions. Most manufacturers sell wholesale items in large containers. These can be subdivided into ready-to-use spray bottles by the workers. Besides conserving the environment, you will be saving a lot of money.

Maintaining a constant supply of commercial cleaning products is critical for any business. Like in any other operational expense, it is wise to adopt money-saving tips. Adjusting your procurement procedures is one way to reduce costs. Take advantage of the three hacks provided in this guide and watch your expenses go down.

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