Roofing Jobs During Winter: Is it Possible?


roof winterMany people feel that winter is a bad time to have your house roofed. You may certainly not want to do a DIY roofing job in the biting cold, but there should be no problem in calling a professional, right? Two common arguments on why people think roofing contractors would not want to restore your roof in winter are the weather condition outside and the presence of the snow on the roof.

But, the truth is roofing professionals mind neither the cold nor the snow on your roof. In fact, experts from Bower Roofing and Restorations say that calling in these people during the winter allows you to enjoy some big advantages.

No More Ice Dam Woes

Understand that the winter season tests your roof condition to the hilt. Have you heard of ice dams? These are accumulated snow on the roofs, which leak into your home to cause water damage. If you want to avoid any ice dam in your home this winter, have the roof restored immediately.

No More Making a Bad Roof Worse

With winter conditions testing your roof, an already bad roof will only become worse. When the temperature fluctuates during winter, it causes the shingles to contract and expand. This could ultimately lead to their curling or cracking — a potential cause for a leaky roof. If your roof is already worn out, would you wait until summer to attend to this potential cause? Obviously not!

Faster roofing services

As the demand for roofing jobs is usually low in winter, you can expect your contractor to do a faster and more focused job for you in a matter of days.

Save Money

Finally, because winter is the low season for roofing contractors, you can have the job done at much lower prices. Now, with that much money saved, doesn’t it seem more worth it to have a roofing job done during the colder season?

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