Restless Nights: What Disrupts Your Sleep?

a woman sleeping soundly

A good night’s sleep, for many people, is so difficult to achieve. If you’re one of those who are struggling to fall and stay asleep every night, it pays to be aware of the factors that can prevent you from doing so. This is to help you avoid those things and make positive lifestyle changes that promote and support a good slumber.

  • Caffeine. Did you know that it takes six to eight hours for (the effects of) caffeine to wear off? This is why drinking coffee or any caffeinated beverage late in the afternoon or early in the evening may prevent you from getting the sleep you deserve.
  • Nicotine. This compromises the quantity and quality of your sleep. Nicotine withdrawal (especially from heavy smokers) also causes waking up earlier than the usual. Studies suggest that frequently smoking near or before bedtime increases your chances of developing insomnia.
  • Old and sagging mattress. A mattress that’s way past its useful life can cause frequent tossing and turning, as well as body aches. Mattress stores in Columbia, SC suggest replacing yours after eight years or if it no longer supports your body.
  • Certain habits before bedtime. Heavy meals before bedtime make it difficult for you to fall asleep. The same is also true when engaging in a vigorous workout routine in the evening. It is best to exercise early in morning, as it is related to better nighttime slumber.
  • Stress. This can make it harder for you fall and stay asleep. Stress also cuts the time spent in REM and deep sleep. If you believe that stress or anxiety is disrupting your sleep, going to a sleep clinic or seeing a mental health professional can help you.
  • Poor sleeping environment. Clutter, noises, and bright lights can compromise your sleep. Be sure to clear your room with distractions like your phone, laptop, and television. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible and invest in comfy pillows and mattress.

Don’t let these factors rob the sleep you need. You should also stick to a sleep schedule and establish a bedtime routine to assist you in dozing off.

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