Remove the Stench in Your Carpets with These Stench Removers


CarpetWhilst carpets make the home look inviting, these are ineffective as repellents. These tend to gather unpleasant odours, enough to sour your mood when entering your home. Try the following stench removers if you perceive bad odours in your carpet:

Micro-bacterial solutions

Some people use artificial cleaning agents have effective cleaning capabilities that may seep through the stench. For instance, carpet cleaning service providers in Bromley apply micro bacterial odour removal and sanitisation methods to neutralise any odour that within carpets or furnishings. Look for such cleaning agents that are powerful but leave no residue to prevent re-soiling your carpet.

White vinegar

White vinegar serves as an effective stench remover, as well. It deodorises and disinfects your carpet to by killing the odour-causing bacteria. Spray about two cups of white vinegar to your carpet and areas around it. Use a wet-dry vacuum on your carpet or let it dry outside for hours. The bad odour goes away as the vinegar smell disappears.

Lemon juice

To deodorise your carpet and make it smell good at the same time, add lemon juice in it. The strong combination of aroma and acidity in lemon are enough to beat the bad odour. Spray the lemon juice mixed with water in affected areas. You may alternatively apply it on your carpet using a piece of cloth and rinse with soapy water. Make sure that your carpet is dry afterwards to prevent growth of odour-causing bacteria.

Baking soda

Spare some baking soda at home. You will most likely use it to remove your carpet’s bad odour. Bicarbonate of soda or baking soda is an effective odour neutraliser that works just like any other modern household cleaning products. You will save about a hundred pounds a year by ditching fancy sprays in favour of this stench remover. Sprinkle the baking soda in your carpet, brush thoroughly and leave it overnight for better results.

A carpet enhances a home’s appeal only if it undergoes occasional maintenance. Clean it occasionally to prevent dirt, stains and stench from ruining it and your home’s appeal by extension.

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