Purposeful Improvements for Accommodating Commercial Building Lobbies

Modern building lobby

For large structures such as skyscrapers and towers, there is one area in particular that most people would be familiar with, and stay most of the time. The same goes for an office building or even establishments such as restaurants, hospitals and government buildings.

This area is called the lobby. You’ll usually find that this area is where most people would stay for appointments, wait on their clients and interviews, or approach the information desk for their inquiries. Also, this is one of the first places that guests and employees see at first, so this can give someone their first impression of the building.

This makes the lobby a significant area to focus on when it comes to improvement.


The lobby can serve many purposes, but it doesn’t have a shortage of people in wait. Therefore, comfort goes a long way if you want your guests, employees and possible clients and applicants to feel at home. One part of it is how the area as a whole is built and designed.

For this, you may consult a general contractor in Ogden, Utah, on how to make it at least look spacious and relaxing with colors and arrangement of elements. Another part of it is what you use to furnish the place. If you mostly want to cater to a larger crowd, you can go with larger seats that could hold 4-5 people.

Make sure that they are comfortable, but still look good with the rest of your interior.


A lobby is like a living room, so it’s just right that you have enough natural light going in. One of the few things that modern society forgets is how important it can be, not just for saving money on electricity, but for our overall well-being too.

For starters, light from the sun is a great source of vitamin D, which helps the bones absorb calcium and makes our bones stronger. Second is that natural lighting can improve the whole area’s aesthetic, meaning it can become a more scenic experience for the guests and employees.

You can take advantage of this by installing larger windows to allow more natural light to pass through during the day. If you’re afraid of the harmful effects of the heat and UV rays, you can choose to put some tint on it.


Building lobby

Who’s to say that a lobby should only be a place where grumpy people sit around waiting for their name to be called? While the whole purpose of it is, of course, to accommodate guests, there may be times when the place is packed, and people would be waiting in line.

In that case, some people will feel that the time is passing by too slowly or that they’re bored. Putting in some entertainment in the mix, such as pinball machines or even gaming consoles, as well as tables for other activities like drawing or tabletop games, can make the lobby experience engaging.

Not only that, but it can be fun and exciting. Before they know it, their names are being called.

Making your lobby a place for everyone is a sign that you want to welcome the people who enter the premises. This is, in one way, a testament to how you treat your guests. It also says a lot about your company, especially if you want to impress clients or potential investors.

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