Problems That Could Reduce the Lifespan of Your Water Heater


Things that can damage your Water Heater in DraperOn average, a water heater should last for at least one decade. But, a few homeowners in Draper give their water heaters the same level of attention as air conditioners and furnaces. If you buy a water heater, and forget about its maintenance and repair needs, it will just be a matter of time before it screeches to a halt because of the certain problems.

Buildup of Sediments

If the water heater tank has a buildup of sediments, industry experts at explain that overlooking the problem will cause the formation of a hard concrete-like crust.  Flushing the water heater may not yield any fruits at this point. To avoid an escalation of the buildup, flush the tank regularly.

Rusty Tank

The role of the sacrificial anode is to protect the tank from rust. However, this anode is depleted with time. If you do not replace it in good time, rust will attack the tank. If you have a softener, the erosion of the anode rod is even faster. Make sure that you check the condition of this component at least once annually.

Effects of Neglect

Sometimes, damage to a water heater is a simple case of neglect. When you forget about your heater, it may develop leaks to the point that emergency water heater repair cannot remedy the situation.

Poor Sizing

Water heaters come in different capacities to suit different needs that generally depend on the level of usage. When you are buying a water heater, parameters such as the number of bathrooms, frequency of use, and number of people are very important. If your heater is not sized properly, frequent expansion and contraction will eventually damage it.

Water Pressure

It is both interesting and worrying how homeowners high-pressure in their water heaters. If you have been using your equipment at 80psi or more, you are lucky that nothing has exploded by now. Even if you have a pressure release valve and expansion tank, you still need to adjust your gauge. These components lose their effectiveness with time.

If you forgot about your water heater the moment the technician tightened the last screw, you have a reason to worry. The potential problems discussed here can render your equipment useless within a few years. Consider ensuring regular maintenance and repair to your equipment so that it can reach its expected life.

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