Patio Paving for a Modern Home: Stone Options You Can Consider

Worker laying pavement blocks

Landscaping is an essential part in a home. A good outdoor space paints your property in the best light. When improving your landscape, think about focusing your attention to the patio.

If you are looking to give this part of your home a makeover or want to add a new patio to your outdoor space, there are reliable patio suppliers who can assist you. They, for instance, can help you pick the material you want for your patio.

There are many choices for patio materials. Stone, for instance, comes in various designs, is inexpensive to buy, install and maintain and is able to withstand the high traffic in the event that you are inviting guests to your outdoor space. The following are options you can consider for your patio.


This is a highly durable material renowned for its timeless and classic look. It maintains its natural colour under sunlight and harsh weather elements. On top of that, it can accommodate temperature variations without cracking.

Brick patios are easy to clean. They also dry fast even in shaded areas, averting the risk of mould proliferation due to dampness. Stacked bond, herringbone and basket weave patterns are some of the design options you have for brick patios. You can further customise these options to suit your taste.


These are versatile materials, which you can use to create a formal to a naturalistic look. Pavers are currently among the most durable options for patios, as they are weather and slip-resistant. They are available in rectangular, square, irregular and curved shapes with tumbled, weathered, smooth, embossed, cobbled or sand-textured surfaces. When using pavers for your patio, you can place them in a circular, running or herringbone pattern.


Bluestone style pavingThis name is somewhat of a misnomer, as this natural stone has green and rusty brown tones rather than blue ones. It is an ideal choice for property owners looking for a classic yet eclectic and elegant patio design. Bluestone can withstand freeze-thaw cycles incredibly well without cracks. This stone, however, is naturally porous. As such, you should seal it to avert moisture penetration.


This is a perfect choice for pool patios for a variety of reasons. Limestone comes in light colours that deflect heat and remain cool. On top of that, it comes in varied textures.

The one thing you should remember about limestone is that it is porous. Sealing this material is important to maintain its design and durability.

When cleaning a patio made using limestone, refrain from using chemical cleaners. The acids in the chemicals could erode the limestone and affect the overall appearance of your patio.


This is another good choice for patios, as well as for front entries. Flagstone is available in a variety of stones and colours. What sets this stone apart from other materials is that you can easily identify them by their unusual or irregular shapes.

Brick, pavers, bluestone, limestone and flagstone are just some of the options you can go with for your patio. Picking the right stone from the ones above is only the first step in getting the best-looking patio for your property. You should also consult with a professional to transform your proposed patio design into reality.

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