Painting Vs. Gelcoating- Which is Better


Couple paintingThe choice between gelcoating and painting is strictly based on personal preferences. The most important thing is to find a solution that will last long.


Some people prefer it because of its longevity. Unlike other methods that need constant maintenance yet last only a few years, gelcoating’s life is longer. Evidence is seen from boats that have lasted decades with the same gelcoat as long as they are well maintained. The same cannot be confidently said for painting. The result is a shiny finish that can make your vehicle and boat look new.

One of the drawbacks of gel coating is that though it is long-lasting it can also be damaged by the extreme heat of the sun.


Painting may not be as long lasting as a gelcoating, but it is one of the most popular solutions. It is preferred because of the many options in design and style that it offers. Painting allows one to experiment with colours and textures. You can create a mood and ambience you desire by matching different colours.

Furthermore, paint is easy to change. Some people are easily bored with one solution and cannot imagine keeping a paint for decades without any change. As such, painting becomes a viable solution for such individuals because they can repaint any time they want. After all, paint is not a very expensive option.

However, painting or gel coating may fade after many years, Clear Renew reminds. There are repainting and gel coating alternatives that can maintain the appearance of your vehicle or boat, though. Some companies specialise in the restoration and maintenance of vehicle and boat surfaces. You just have to find a good company that delivers quality services.

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