Lasting Wellness: Living an Organized Lifestyle

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Organized people seem to have it together — the things they want seem to come easier to them. This is not necessarily true, though. Because they are organized, they have the mental fortitude to meet every situation with equanimity. They receive what comes their way with peace and acceptance because they trust their process.

Organization helps you to identify when something will work out, when it may go awry, and when a different path may be best. Thus, organized living expects you to meet your life with intention. Achieving your future goals requires you to make smart choices today. Seek financial planning for yourself to ensure you have a college fund for your children and a good retirement plan. Hire a nutritionist to help your family begin eating better. Get in touch with a therapist to help you understand your anxiety and to find ways to live with it.

Build Habits

Building habits is an important step on the path to success. Developing good habits help you to take care of the important items on your everyday list without delay. Once you develop them into habits, it keeps you organized without too much effort. You will soon find that you need to fulfill your habits or your day feels wrong. This will also ensure that no matter your mood or outside influence, you will get the important activities done every day because you will automatically be able to follow those habits.

Make Lists

Writing down what you need to do each day, having set goals for the week, and maintaining a calendar are great ways to organize yourself. It can also free up your mind a great deal as you no longer need to worry that you may have forgotten something.

Keep lists so you don’t forget a great idea that you get in the middle of a meeting. Have an ongoing list that is shared with your partner for meal planning as well so neither of you have to worry about healthy meals for the children.

Track Your Spending

This will help your financial advisor to help your manage your money much better. Often, we think we know how we spend, and we feel like we are making good choices. But we find ourselves with too little fund at the end of the month.   Tracking your spending by keeping receipts and using an online tracker can help you to gain a better understanding of the way you spend your money. This will help you to budget better, live according to your actual income, and start working toward financial stability.

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Declutter Your Spaces

Clutter not only clogs up your living spaces, but it also makes your mind feel blocked and heavy. The human mind simply functions better in a clean and clear space. Use your calendar to keep a cleaning schedule and start making it a habit to take empty coffee cups to the sink.

Start with your workspace, as this will help you to be more focused and organized with your work. You can then bring this success to your home life by making a chore chart for the family and being an example of how to keep spaces clear and organized. You may even find that all you really needed was better storage solutions.

Make It Fun

The best way to get children on board with organization is to make it a fun activity for them. They need the skills you will be teaching them for their future success as well. Thus, as a parent, you must make it a priority to show them that being organized is a desirable way to live.

Give them a choice among the chores and let them choose which chores they will do each week. This helps them to develop a sense of responsibility as they chose what they want to do. It will be easier to hold them accountable. Avoid getting angry when they forget the chore and help them to do it. Quietly explain how much you do in a day and how they are helping you out when they do their chores. This will help them to see the importance of their chores and gain empathy toward their parents and siblings.

Designated Mess

It can be hard to go from a cluttered lifestyle to an organized one. You can reduce the stress on yourself and your whole family by having a designated messy room. It can even be a shed outside that you’ve converted into a storage space.   Alternatively, give each family member a large container they can use as a designated messy space. This is where they can drop items instead of putting them away neatly on those days they don’t feel like it. It becomes a kind of to-do list on its own, as it relieves the pressure on everyone to be organized all the time while keeping the clutter away. Clearing out this box can go on the chart as a weekly chore.

You’ll Get There

Being a working parent often means that there are several items on your list that need to happen all at the same time. You may feel like you’re juggling too much, and both your work and children are suffering.

Organization demands that you learn to prioritize activities. Figure out what needs to be done immediately, what can be delegated, what can be postponed, and what can be eliminated without backlash.

Prioritizing tasks will help you to recognize when it is important for you to focus on work, when you can focus on your children, and when you can free up some time for self-care so you can stay attentive and avoid burnout.

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