Office Arrangement: How It Affects Performance in the Workplace

Modern office interior

The general arrangement of an office has a bearing on the performance of the employees in the workplace. The workplace should, therefore, be designed in a way that facilitates the efficiency with which they undertake their duties. Natural light and proper air circulation are other essential aspects of an environment conducive to working.

Utilisation of Available Space

There is always a need to make an office as comfortable as possible to facilitate the employees’ performance. There are several companies in Sydney that offer office fit-out services to businesses seeking to relocate into new offices or modernise their current workplaces. The companies conduct a thorough evaluation of the available office space in terms of its size and shape before coming up with a design that best suits it. That is followed by the installation of customised pieces of office furniture that complement the design of the office.

Ease of Movement

While at work, employees should not have to pass over desks or crawl under them to access a file cabinet that is at one end of the office. A lot of time is likely to be wasted as an employee tries to create a way to access an area within the office. Such situations often occur when the acquired office furniture is a mismatch to the shape and size of an office. Also, do not try to squeeze in excess employees in a single office. A 100-square feet office, for example, may only accommodate two employees.

Utilisation of Office Resources

Man using printer in office

A single office with a few employees may be sufficiently served by a single printer and photocopier. However, the adopted floor arrangement may make it impossible. A business may then be forced to equip every employee with a separate printer, scanner, and photocopier, which increase both the capital requirements and operating expenses of a business. As such, ensure that you adopt an office arrangement that provides easy access to shared resources. That way, one printer or photocopier may be placed in a common area within the premises from which employees can print and produce their copies.

Natural Light and Air Circulation

The arrangement of all pieces of furniture and items in an office should be done in a way that does not prevent air circulation and the flow of light into a workplace. Sometimes, people tend to place cabinets or even stock up files and boxes that get in the way of natural light. Workers are then forced to rely on light bulbs to brighten their offices. That should never be the case since it results in unnecessarily high expenses in the form of power bills. Employees may also feel the need to always keep the air-conditioning system on even when an office has sufficient windows and ventilation channels to keep it cool. As such, always ensure that the area around the office windows remains unobscured.

When designing an office arrangement, it is essential to take all the factors mentioned above into consideration. The aim is to come up with a practical arrangement that not only resembles a modern design but also facilitates efficiency within the workplace.

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