Must-dos When Shopping for Furniture

someone looking at a furniture catalog

The cost of furnishing a home can add up quickly. Nevertheless, this should not stop you from shopping for furniture if you need to do it. When scouring furniture shops, consider these buying tips to get the best deal:

1. Choose quality over quantity.

Never buy several pieces at a time. A piece or two is fine, but make sure to check each one carefully. Look into every corner and side, top and bottom, and exterior and interior parts. Select the piece that has a longer life span.

2. Consider your living conditions.

Your way of living and the people around you will determine the kind of furniture to choose. If you have kids and pets, pick a couch that is stain-resistant and in dark colour. The fabric should be tough so that it will not easily tear apart.

3. Check estate sales.

If you are on a tight budget, one way to get high-quality furniture at a fair price is through estate sales. There you can get good-quality furniture although slightly used at a good price. Buying an old solid wood type table is much better than purchasing a new yet plastic table.

couple looking at swatches at a store

4. Know the right time to buy.

Prices of home furnishings change, so you need to know the right time to buy. For instance, you can find great offers during sales. The end of the year or before Christmas are among the best times to do your shopping. Furniture shops offer big discounts during this season because they want to get rid of their old stocks to give way to the new batch.  You may also look for good-quality home furnishings in an online furniture store. There are some Singapore-based online sellers that can give you the best deal.

5. Try to haggle.

If you are good at negotiating, then ask for a bargain if it is appropriate. Try to talk down the salesperson to give you a discount from the regular price. A 30 to 40 per cent discount from the marked price is fine. If you fail to convince the salesperson, you may try to ask for freebies in exchange.

7. Test the furniture.

When buying sofas, take off the cushion and press it down the base. The coil should spring back in place immediately. Lift the cushion or sit on it to test for sturdiness and comfort. Look for a cushion that has coils inside to prevent butt dip. The foam at the back should be in a bag with horizontal seams to keep it from settling at the bottom. When purchasing cabinets, test the doors if they remain open, and do not shut them right away. Then turn the handles and knobs to know if they fit tightly. Inspect the ends and corners. Make sure that they are attached by wood joints and not just nailed or glued.

Purchasing furniture can eat up your budget, so never buy on impulse. Keep an eye on good-quality pieces to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

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