Marketing with Due Diligence: Using Retail Data to Your Advantage

Marketing Campaign

Marketing CampaignLaunching a marketing campaign without doing due diligence is like running blindfolded inside your house. Chances are, you’re going to end up with broken furniture and glasses. Basing your marketing on outdated data will have the same catastrophic results.

To lessen the risks and ensure income potential when marketing, comprehensive research is key. This is a reason putting up people counters is spot on when it comes to retail business, as a leading provider of counting systems notes.

Running Blind

In marketing, even the best can fall. One instance involved an iconic gaming machine loved by millions: the PSP. In a bid to create a much-needed viral buzz, the Japanese tech giant Sony created a fake fan site and dubbed it “All I Want For X-Mas Is A PSP”. That ploy may sound catchy enough.

Once techy gamers started tracing the domain, the site has its fingers pointing to the Japanese corporation. A barrage of negative backlash soon followed, fomenting a landslide of anger that spread to hundreds of video gaming sites and forums worldwide. Though your retail business may not be planning anytime soon to put up a fake website, it clearly shows there’s more to marketing than just trying out some crazy ideas to see if it works.

Getting an Extra Eye

While your brick-and-mortar store may require less online presence than a gaming console business, it would certainly benefit a lot from technology. Getting your place a counter for people is a classic example. With such retail management system installed, you can read your target market better. As it give you specific data of how much traffic your store is getting, you will be able to weigh what marketing adjustments will give you better chances of greater sales.

As it will provide you with real-time data, improving your operational efficiency with regards to scheduling manpower will be easier. Moreover, you get to measure how much your competitor’s marketing is affecting your visits. With a better grasp of your target market comes greater chances of roaring success.

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