Making Your Hot Tub Safe and Relaxing with the Right Filter

woman relaxing in a hot tub

There are so many elements that are essential for a good bath, of which the primary element you need in a hot tub is clean water. But there are nonetheless several contaminants you will find in hot water, since the environment is conducive for the growth of microorganisms.

Your tub’s filtration system is among the key elements you should check. This will circulate water through the tub and get rid of any contaminants in your water. The filtration system, in this case, will work in combination with your sanitizing agents and chemicals to guarantee your water is not only debris-free but also safe.

In Utah, finding a custom-made spa takes considerable time and money. You cannot afford to choose the wrong filter system or a worn-out one. You need to choose the right filter for your tub, and there are many alternatives. Here are some ways to help you understand your options for a safe hot tub experience.

Cartridge Filters

These are largely the most common and popular types of hot tub filters. This is primarily because cartridge filters are easy to maintain and inexpensive. The filters are made of plastic, fabric, or paper. These materials are pleated then encased in a plastic cartridge. Once in their plastic cartridge, the filters are simply slid into the filter housing space in your tub. The filtration efficacy of cartridge filters is 10-15 microns, and it lasts for 3-5 years. You will, unfortunately, need to clean the oil that builds up around the cartridge using a special cleaning solution. Moreover, if you later convert to another filter, you will need extensive plumbing.

Sand Filters

These are generally spherical containers that contain sand. Water is pumped through the sand and filtered under pressure to remove particles measuring at least 25 microns. While this is a lower filtration efficacy compared to that of cartridge filters, sand filters are installed outside your tub. To this end, their access is easy, and their cleaning will only require backwashing. Moreover, they last for about five years.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

cleaning hot tub filter

These are the eco-friendly choice for hot tub filtration since they use fossilized atoms in the form of a white powder for filtration. Diatomaceous earth filters work much like cartridge filters and are thus just as popular as the latter. They nonetheless have the highest filtration efficacy at 2-3 microns and can go for months without a need for backwashing or cleaning. Furthermore, diatomaceous earth filters do not need as much pumping power to flow water through them, making them energy-efficient. They are, however, expensive.

Ceramic Filters

These feature the same design as cartridge filters. They are built using a resilient ceramic that is among the most durable alternative for filtration of your hot tub’s water. Though not so prevalent owing to their high maintenance needs, ceramic hot tub filters can last for an extended period with optimal maintenance.

The replacement frequency of the above filters will largely depend on the brand you pick and the number of your hot tub’s users. You, however, will often need to change your filters more frequently when dealing with hard water. This is because of the lime accumulation that will typically damage your filter.

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