Make Your Marketing Activities Work

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Promoting a product or service is a huge part of business. Without promotion and advertising, most companies would be unable to reach their target demographics and probably fold within the first year. Here’s how you can make your promotional activities more effective:

Hire an Advertising Agency

An advertising agency in Melbourne is your partner in ensuring the success of your promotional activities. While it’s entirely possible to go out on your own and do the promotions yourself, nothing beats having a professional team by your side. They understand the business of advertising and marketing more than most and have the tools and experience to make things happen faster and more effectively. They can suggest steps that are more applicable to your marketing intentions and limit possible wastage and money-drains on your ad-spend.

Use Marketing Materials

Marketing materials still work. For example, if you’re selling soap, it’s a good idea to give away a small bottle of shampoo for free with every purchase of a certain number of your soap. Wise and thrifty buyers are more likely to switch to your product or at least try it if they are getting an incentive for it.

Make Sure that Your Products Are Great

A customer is going to try your product, but if it’s not at all worth another buy, that will be the end of your relationship with that customer. Great products have staying power, and when you have established your brand with a great product, customers will be a lot more willing to try other offerings from you.

Use Traditional Marketing

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Of course, it’s a digital world we live in now, but traditional marketing activities still have their place. For example, use posters and billboards to give your products more exposure. You can also use promo persons to convince shoppers to try your product, particularly if customers get incentives for buying them. Get in touch with your advertising agency and ask about media buying if you would like to use local radio and TV for promoting your products. And don’t forget local magazines and newspapers.

Use Online Options Too

While traditional means are effective, you can’t ignore going digital. Digital marketing is a big deal now. Many people use the Internet to find what they want. If it’s possible, make your products available online. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate, especially on smartphones; most online customers make their bookings, reservations, and purchases through their mobile devices. It’s also a good idea to make your products available on established online shops like Amazon.

It would be unwise to ignore social media, as well. Millions of people are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. Through those channels, even small business advertisers can reach what more popular companies can tap. You can also pay an influencer to market your products on their channel. Some influencers can review your products for free; all they need is for you to send them some samples.

These days, the market is more open. People’s preferences have changed; most don’t limit themselves to established brand names any longer. However, it’s also more competitive, so do your marketing and advertising wisely and watch your profits multiply.

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