Lindy Olsen’s Seven Rules for Success


Woman Working OutLindy Olsen, Australia’s only five-time World Figure Champion, is a woman with a story to tell. As long as she can remember, she has always had weight issues. She recalls how her struggles began in high school when her focus shifted from athletics to academics. Until 2003, she describes herself as lazy and unmotivated to stay fit and keep healthy.

Workout Practise

Olsen cites determination, focus, consistency and outstanding nutrition as the pillars to getting into shape. She practises a four-day split using time under tension. With the usual five sets of eight to twelve reps for her workout routine, she does two warm-ups, one prep set and two working sets. Her essential Musashi products for staying lean are the L-Carnitine and Fat Metabolising Formula. She takes them 20 minutes before her cardio workout. Her prep set involves 60% of her working weight and she never uses momentum, maintaining proper form.

Lindy Olsen’s Seven Rules for Success
  1. A regular intake of protein at every meal is needed for muscle growth and repair. Chicken breast, lean beef, turkey, fish, kangaroo and egg whites are good sources of lean protein.
  2. Having five to six meals a day with three to four-hour intervals regulates metabolism and keeps the body functioning at an optimum rate.
  3. Eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day boosts the immune system and reduces the risk for chronic diseases. It also balances macronutrient intake, and prevents vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  4. Planning your meals gives you the incentive of eating what you want. Usually referred to as ‘cheat days’, eating five times a day means having 35 meals a week, so on weekends, treat yourself to indulgences like chocolate and cake.
  5. Know what you eat and practise portion control — Olsen advises of carefully reading food labels. Avoid fat, sugar and complex carbohydrates as excess consumption can lead to a surplus of energy.
  6. Drink at least 500 ml of water for every 10 kg of body weight. Water rids the body of toxins and keeps the body feeling satisfied.
  7. Staying active kick-starts metabolism and burns body fat. Olsen recommends exercising for 30-45 minutes before beginning your day.
Staying fit and healthy is a lifestyle

Before Olsen took her training seriously, studying late at night, not exercising and an unhealthy diet had turned into a habit. It didn’t take long before she realised she weighed 89 kg. Insecurity was eating her from inside and it became her way of life. She tried all the shortcuts — weight loss pills and miracle diet regimens — to no avail. Until she hired a trainer and learned how to prioritise her physical wellness, making exercise a part of her lifestyle.

Olsen’s motivation to stay fit and healthy stems from her desire to not only feel good about herself but also to be proud of achieving success from within. Anyone can lose weight and work out, but to push one’s self — physically and mentally — is already a success in itself.

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