Level up Your Cafe in Five Ways

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From Sydney to Perth, Australia is full of coffee shops. On each coast, at every other corner, you’re bound to see a cafe selling various types of coffee and tea. In an oversaturated market, the challenge is to set yourself apart from the rest. Check out these five ways to find out how you can boost your cafe’s sales:

Upgrade Your Shop

In the age of social media, it has never been as important to have a beautifully designed shop than it is now. Install upgrades such as new light fixtures or a commercial glass-door refrigerator to brighten and tidy the place up. Consider changing the chairs for something prettier and more comfortable. You could get free promo just by having a more aesthetically pleasing shop.

If your cafe has been deemed Instagram-worthy, you can get featured on articles and social media posts. The money you’ll spend on the improvements can pay off just with word-of-mouth marketing.

Make Sure You Deliver

The online food delivery service has been thriving worldwide in recent years. Forbes estimates that the sector will be worth US$ 200 billion by 2025. Even during a pandemic, it seems that it’s one of the only industries that’s thriving. The Sydney Morning Herald says that demand for delivery services has surged by at least 50%. If you haven’t partnered yet with an online food delivery service or two, now is the best time. Check out Menulog, which delivers to more than 92% of Australian addresses. Deliveroo, which says that their partner restaurants have increased revenue by up to 30%, is also worth a look.

Manage Your Social Media

Social Media

If you don’t have a website or social media accounts before, there’s no time to hop on the bandwagon. You don’t even have to post every day or try to be relatable. You can just continue raising awareness of your shop by being online. Having a website makes you more accessible and attract interest.

Let’s say that you get hold of rare, quality coffee beans. If you post about them, you can attract coffee connoisseurs who wouldn’t have known about them otherwise. Social media lets people remember your shop’s existence. With it, you can also control your image. Imagine if someone tags your shop on Instagram with a review. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, you can share their good experience or address their concerns.

Ask for Feedback

You might be at your shop all the time and think you know every detail. But the best way to identify areas where you can improve is by asking customers for their opinion. You could slip a survey form with the receipt. Another way is to use a captive portal and have your Wi-Fi redirected to an online survey before they can access the Internet. You can make your customers feel heard and improve your cafe at the same time.

There might be many coffee shops, but there’s always a demand for coffee in Australia. A study has found that 75% of Aussies have at least one cup a day. You just need to harness this demand, whether through social media or not, and keep them coming back.

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