Laser Line Generators and their Uses in the Construction Industry

laser lines

The invention of laser has become highly advantageous to many industries, especially the construction sector. Generally, lasers are used for different applications, such as alignment, measurement, and positioning.

laser linesAmong the different laser tools used extensively today, such as pipe lasers, plumb lasers and rotary laser levels, one of the most commonly used are laser line generators.

What is a Laser Line Generator?

According to Laser Tools Co., Inc., a laser line generator is a system that consists of a laser source that provides a diverging laser beam and a single lens element that intersects this diverging laser beam.

By intersecting the diverging laser beam emerging from the laser beam, the single lens in the line generator shapes the beam; thus, providing a laser line that is directed or projected on the surface of an object. Laser line generators are essentially self-contained red, infrared and green line laser systems that contain a driver circuit, optics, and a laser diode.

Different Applications

Laser line generator finds different applications across industries including:

• For accurate alignment

• For correct positioning of objects in relation to others

• For taking proper measurements to determine the exact size of objects

Simply put, laser line generators are capable of creating laser line of different patterns that can be used for different scanning, alignment and machine vision applications. Most of these generators come with a focusing mechanism that helps shape the laser beam into a line.

Applications in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, laser line generators are predominantly used for single site works, particularly in the interiors of the building, such as a wall or the ceiling of a room. These devices are used to project a cross-hair line, a single line, and a combination of both cross-hair and single lines.

By generating these lines, the tool makes itself indispensable for accurate measurement, alignment and positioning in the construction industry, where large areas are always worked upon.


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