Know Your Rights: Getting Fair Compensation for a Motorbike Accident

man riding a motorbike

Los Angeles is a haven for riders. Some people enjoy it simply as an affordable alternative to driving a car. But thousands of road accidents happen every year due to negligent driving. Unlike car drivers, motorcycle riders have much less protection when involved in a crash. With so many incidents happening, riders need a motorcycle accident lawyer.

man riding a motorbike

Here are some ways to get the compensation you deserve:

Loss of income

You may be eligible to receive compensation for past and future lost incomes. Each motorcycle accident is different and so are the possibilities for getting compensation. Seek the services of legal professionals such as the American Bar Association and Tofer & Associates, if you have more questions about damages covered.

Medical bills

You need to prove that your injury was a result of the negligence of another party. Once you hire a Los Angeles accident lawyer, they will assist you in compiling evidence and presenting it to the third-party insurers.

Physical impairment

Personal injury cases classify damages as compensatory. This means responsible parties will pay the injured plaintiff for injuries. Some compensatory damages are easy to reimburse, but some may not always have a monetary equivalent.

Settlements don’t have a minimum or maximum amount, but the payment may still depend on your case. Insurance companies will only establish the proper value of the claim after your lawyer reviews and interprets your case. This means the amount may vary depending on the severity of damages the responsible parties need to cover.

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