Kinds of Baths to Enjoy

a woman in a bathtub

There was a time when people lit fires beneath metallic containers to heat water to draw a bath. There is proof that goes back to 3300 BC that for the Romans, taking a shower was an essential part of sanitation. A few decades down the line, people began to fear skin-spread diseases and the culture died. Only recently has the West revived the culture of taking a bath.

Now, any plumber in Salt Lake City can install a standard bath without much trouble. The question has shifted from whether or not to have a bathroom to the type of tub you should choose. There are various types of tubs designed for convenience and comfort.

The Pedestal and Clawfoot Bath

The clawfoot bath sits on four feet. The style was popularized among the high society in the late 1900s. Then, the tub was made with iron and was layered with porcelain. It was heavy, so one needed to strengthen the floor to handle it. New materials now make it possible to have this bath in your bathroom. Variations of this tub have a sloping end to make it comfortable. In other cases, it is a pedestal instead of a slope.

The Alcove Bath

Most people are familiar with this bath. It is typically fixed against the wall on three or two sides. The design has not changed much over time, but the materials vary. Now, most installations are made of enamel and are coated with cast iron or acrylic. In most cases, these baths also have a shower over them.

The Drop-in Bath

The design of this bath looks like a floor cavity. Some installations feature a platform instead. These baths are very appealing to look at, but the design makes them difficult to leave. The overflow bath is another type that is considered as a drop-in. It takes the form of an infinity pool and needs to be filled to the brim. The idea is for water to drain into a system and circulate back to the tub.

The Freestanding Bath

If you are looking for simplicity, this tub is perfect. It does not connect to the walls, so there is room to innovate or to customize to fit your tastes. Most of these baths come in irregular shapes and often follow a particular theme in the bathroom.

The Corner Bath

a bathroom

The most common design for this type of tab is a triangular shape. Corner baths usually fit into corners like wedges. They are a good pick if you have limited space or if your bathroom is irregularly shaped. These tubs can be enhanced using air jets.

In the end, being able to take a hot bath can be relaxing or comforting. It can be the thing you need to deflate after a busy day at work. However, you need to have the proper choice to drive the most pleasure from your bath. Always be keen to look at the critical design elements before you settle on any bathroom product.

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