Keeping Your Data Secure Against Theft and Vandalism


data security
Physical security is  important in protecting your business against theft, vandalism, abuse, and other activities that can cause many problems. This is why you invest in a perimeter fence and gate, CCTV cameras, lighting in every space, motion sensors, security personnel, and other security measures.

This is fine, but the safety of your organization does not depend only on how you keep intruders from coming into your establishment. You should also be able to control both physical and digital security.

Without the right security over your data, processes, and communications, you risk being hacked or becoming a victim of digital theft. Here are some suggestions on how to protect your digital properties.

Use a VPN

Like any other organization, you use email, chat, and video, as well as browse the Internet for different purposes. While you may think your firewall with antivirus is the only protection you need, the truth is there are other threats. Your network resources are a goldmine for cybercriminals. Anything from customer or patient data to information about your investments is at risk.

Private Tunnel points out that using virtual private network software can dramatically reduce the chances of data exposure and theft. With a VPN, only the computers that are authorized for access can get into your network resources.

Keep Your Servers Off-site

If an experienced thief somehow makes it into your premises and takes off with some goodies, one of the first things you’ll be checking is whether he made off with your servers. What if the thief had hacked into your system using a thumb drive? What if a fire broke out? This is why your servers shouldn’t be located in the same building where you do business.

There are services that can set you up with servers located in a discreet and heavily secured facility. In fact, your CCTV cameras should also save what they record off-site, so even if an intruder destroys the cameras, he can’t destroy the evidence.

There are different ways to make sure your data is safe. No system is perfect, but not taking any steps to guard your data makes it vulnerable.

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