Jobs That Will See the Biggest Growth


As one decade comes to a close and another begins, a new chapter for professionals starts. As the demand for some jobs increases and others fall, here are some of the professions that are predicted to be a wise choice:

1. Court Reporters

Over the next few years, skilled court reporters are predicted to see a 7% increase in demand. This is among the largest in any field. Also called stenographers, court reporters are profitable jobs in most places across the country. This includes places like Phoenix where there has been a shortage reported since 2018.

Court reporters that will find the best employment options are those that are well-versed in many official proceedings and can provide expert witness testimony. 

As most court reporters are of more mature age, a need for younger court reporters will be the norm to fulfil the high demand. Many predict that this means that the starting salary of court reporters will also be among the highest, reaching up to 43,000USD.

2. Registered Nurses 

Holding strong as among the most in-demand professionals are registered nurses. The influx of nurses began in the early 2000s and the continued demand has seen even foreign nurses being hired for their expertise.

Registered nurses typically require an associate's degree but a registered nursing school. But many different healthcare companies do require varying qualifications. To be sure, aside from the basic necessity of passing a licensure exam, check with any prospects what they need from your end.

3. Food Preparation and Service Workers

While fast-food workers are foreseen to see a decline in demand over the next decade, the same cannot be said for those on the wait staff and food prep line. 

The entire industry is predicted to see almost 340,000 job openings. The qualifications for this industry are usually a high school diploma or less than that, so it remains a promising industry for this looking for employment but who may not have a higher education diploma or certificate.

3. Aide Providers

In the same realm as nurses, aide providers will continue to be hot commodities. These include personal care and home health providers. 

Both specialties usually require educational attainment of less than high school but most will still require you to complete training. Being an aide provider requires an equal amount of empathy, patience, and capability and these will really be honed by training. 

Many aide schools are open and can even connect graduates with credited healthcare providers.

4. Software Development

With all the gadgets and cloud-based software that continues to come out, it comes as no surprise that developers are in high demand. Across the board, from spreadsheets to applications, there will be an estimated increase of over 1 million openings. A minimum requirement is a bachelor's degree in a related field.

5. Renewable Energy Technicians

Along with the current interest in tech, the attention that has been placed on global warming and green energy has been big. Over the last 10 years, we have seen a shift from fossil fuels to more renewable resources.

This means better energy for the planet and more job openings for us. It's a win-win for everybody. Among the specific fields that will see growth are wind turbine service technicians and solar photovoltaic installers. Both don't require a bachelor's degree, but on-the-job training may be needed. 

While there will be a need for all types of professionals, putting your time and effort in jobs that are expected to be in demand can make for a promising career.

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