Is Your Workplace a Danger Zone?


promoting safety in workplacesMany facilities often cut corners while enhancing safety measures at the workplace and it causes them to undergo severe losses. The article highlights some of the credible ways to ensure a safe workplace environment.

Safety is not always at the forefront of many entrepreneurs as they go about establishing their businesses. While it is easy to disregard safety at the workplace, the results are always devastating. According to OSHA, more than 4,600 people lost their lives in workplace-related incidents in 2012.

The saddest bit is that many of these injuries are preventable, at least with a little bit of effort. Most injuries revolve around falls, forklifts, ladders, respiratory, and electrical issues. Although it might seem complicated, keeping your workers safe and secure in the workplace is quite simple.

Enforce a safety culture

Sensitizing your employees on the need to uphold safe work standards at all times is the surest way to keep them safe. That entails having regular and thorough safety training programs. Research shows that facilities with intensive safety training programs register lower injury rates among their workers.

Hiring qualified workers also lowers the injury risks while improving productivity. However, regardless of the new hire’s skill level, be sure to take them through safety training. Safety drills differ among facilities, and you need to ensure that everyone is on the same page on matters of safety.

Get the right equipment

Provision of safety gears including steel toe boots, helmets, and safety goggles creates a safe workplace. It also ensures that you comply with your state’s workplace safety standards. Other than the personal safety gear, you need special equipment, such as a downdraft table. Such kits keep your workers safe by eliminating dust and other contaminants. The airflow systems reduce air pollution and lower the risk of respiratory conditions. They are particularly useful in facilities with lots of sanding, welding, and grinding activities.

Investing in workplace safety is a sure way of increasing production and lowering the number of accidents in a manufacturing environment. Fortunately, it only takes a little bit of effort and planning to implement credible safety measures.

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