Insights Into Urban Development and Planning

urban development

urban developmentImprovement and expansion of cities and towns in an orderly fashion is called urban development and planning. If this kind of growth is not done in an organised manner, then there can be biased progress only in certain pockets while the other parts remain underdeveloped. This can also cause imbalances leading to adverse effects on the environment.

• Why is this important?

A structured growth plan is necessary in a civilised society because this directly influences many factors affecting modern living. Among other factors, there are significant effects on the type and location of housing facilities and also the cost-effectiveness of housing. The aim of this kind of expansion and growth should of course be progress, but it should also consider the social and ecological sustainability of the cities and towns in the future.

• Progress without adversely impacting the environment

Urban planning and development, says, should focus on how to have housing in such a way that the local biodiversity is not adversely affected. This is possible if low density sprawling housing complexes are encouraged instead of high density housing complexes. Environmentalists believe that although the latter methodology will actually free up more land for trees it will affect the biodiversity locally and this is not advisable. In short the local ecology problems should be addressed along with the progress and growth planned in the cities.

• The issue with progress in the cities and towns

The main problems with the rapid growth of cities is that the rate of expansions is so quick that not enough time is spent to understand the effects it will have on the local environment and ecology. While all of us need a home to reside in, it should not be at the cost of destroying the environment. There is no point in simply repeating phrases such as ‘increase greenery’ and ‘environmentally friendly’, if human progress and growth do not really incorporate the essence of these phrases. Conserving biodiversity along with progress and expansion should be the motto. It will work better and be sustainable too.

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