Incognito Braces: What You Should Know About the Dental Treatment


Incognito Braces in WeybridgeIf you are a candidate for orthodontics, your dentist may recommend wearing of braces. With traditional braces, everyone will notice that you are going through the treatment whenever you talk or smile. But, with incognito lingual braces in Weybridge, dental professional explains that no one will know unless you inform them you have one.

What makes the incognito braces more preferred?

Incognito braces are put on the back of your teeth, unlike the traditional braces. This makes them ideal for people concerned about their appearance because the braces cannot be easily seen. The unnoticeable characteristic makes them more preferred by individuals looking forward to a special event such as a wedding.

Are the incognito braces more expensive?

The cost for the incognito braces tends to be higher compared to other orthodontic treatment. The incognito braces are the latest technology in treatment for orthodontic conditions, and the braces must be customised according to every patient’s unique prescription. This makes the cost rise slightly higher.

Are the incognito braces painful or uncomfortable?

Just as with the traditional braces, you may experience soreness on the tongue, teeth and lips for the first two weeks of the treatment. Also, you may experience some discomfort as the teeth start to respond to the treatment and begin to move. The discomfort will also disappear within a few days. Your dentist may recommend some painkillers if need be.

Why would someone go for the incognito braces?

The benefits for behind the teeth braces will make you prefer them more than the traditional braces. Here are some benefits of incognito braces.

  • Unique for each patient. With this kind of braces, every bracket and wire are uniquely made according to the specific patient prescription.
  • Comfort. Within a short period, you can eat and speak normally. The braces are also comfortable and best for sportspeople and those who play wind instruments.
  • Oral health. First, there is no irritation to your inner lips. On the other hand, no damage or decalcification can happen to your front teeth.

Before undergoing any dental procedure, it is always best to conduct thorough research.


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