How to Protect Your Home From UV Rays


The level of the earth’s UV exposure has significantly risen over the years. With the phenomena of global warming, the amount of UV rays touching the earth has become quite dangerous. This can wreak havoc to our health and wellness.

But UV rays don’t only affect our physical bodies. They can also cause damage to the things inside our homes. For instance, they cause furniture and flooring to fade. The longer these are exposed to the sun, the lesser their quality.

We have to take the necessary precautions to protect not only ourselves but our homes as well. Here’s what you should do to protect your home from UV rays.

Cover your roof with polycarbonate sheets

The part of your house that’s exposed to the sun every day is your roof. This can cause severe damage that can decrease your roof’s quality. The roof is your first line of defence and the key feature that shelters you and protects everyone inside the house. You have to make sure that sun exposure is not causing it damage.

Find polycarbonate sheet suppliers in the UK and install them on your roof. This will help increase its durability and protect it from exposure from damage-causing elements.

Install tinted windows

Installing tinted windows is a more permanent solution to protect the inside of your home from UV rays. There are several options for you to choose from. An excellent type to select is low emissivity glass windows. These are coated with invisible layers of metallic oxides, which can help block the UV rays and also insulate your home.

Move your furniture away from the window

A temporary yet effective solution is to move your furniture away from the windows or any area that has high sun exposure. Keep them in the shade to help restore their quality and durability. There might be a spot around your house where you can store them without affecting the symmetry and functionality of your room.

Replace your window shades

woman in the window shades

The most cost-efficient solution is to replace your window shades. Although you want to reduce sun exposure in your home, you also don’t want to block natural light completely. Sunlight still has a lot of benefits to your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Solar shades are ideal to choose from. These can block 99% of UV rays while still allowing light to shine through. With this type of window shade, you’re hitting two birds with one stone — protecting your home from UV rays while getting a healthy dose of sunlight.

Choose your flooring

The cheapest way to protect your floor from too much UV exposure is to install a carpet. This will add an extra line of defence against UV rays, helping your floor retain it’s quality longer. But then again, this is only a temporary measure. Carpets are prone to wear and tear. Not to mention that they’re also difficult to clean.

If you want an ideal solution, you can have your floor treated with pigment-based stains and finishes. Some varnishes have UV inhibitors in their formula that effectively block UV rays and stop them from causing damage.

Especially today, when the amount of UV rays hitting the earth has become dangerous, protective efforts are necessary. Make sure you’re protecting your skin and body, as well as your home.

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