How to Prevent Room Stuffiness


When your bedroom starts feeling all stuffy, and you start getting uncomfortable just breathing in your own home, what do you do? There are many reasons your room get stuffy, but for the most part, it can be because of closed windows or a dirty ventilation system. So here are some of the things that you can do to prevent a stuff room so that you can finally breathe well.

Clean Up

Chances are, your home could use a bit of cleaning. One of the first things that can contribute to a room lacking fresh air is a home that is not so well-maintained. As you clean up, examine everything. Look at the walls, the floors, underneath furniture, behind the photo frames, and so forth. Make sure you get rid of all the clutter and address any mildew or mold growth, especially if there is a bit of a musty smell.

Vacuum or Sweep

Dust and debris all over your home can also contribute to a stuffy room. So once you’ve straightened up and decluttered, start vacuuming or sweeping the floor to get eliminate the dust. For the same reason, once you have dusted and swept everything, change your sheets! Wash the curtains or dust the blinds. Quite honestly, these curtains and blinds are some of the things that many people miss as they clean.

Deep Clean Other Fixtures

If you have other things that may need cleaning, get on it! Deep clean your couch and carpet. Make sure that you get every single nook and cranny so that no mold or mildew remains. You should also clean the doors and the windows to ensure that everything is clean and ready to go.

Air it Out

Sunlit room

Next, you should always air out the room whenever you can. Open a window or two, and do what you can to create a cross-flow of air so that the room will naturally ventilate. Air freshener isn’t going to be enough for you to get rid of mustiness. Let the sun in, let fresh air in, and you’ll find your place less stuffy.

Take it a step further and purify the air in your California or Draper home. You can do this by installing a home air purifier system or simply burning a pure beeswax candle or adding indoor plants to your room.

Use Dehumidifiers

A humid room can quickly become stuffier than a room that is not as humid. Excess moisture will also kickstart and quicken the mold and mildew growth. By dehumidifying your home, or at least a humid room like a bathroom or a bedroom, you can prevent excess moisture that doesn’t bring any good to your place.

Keeping your home and the rooms properly ventilated will immediately prevent a stuffy room quickly. With regular cleaning and using proper tools such as air purifiers and dehumidifiers, your home will be much more comfortable. You will find it easier to rest and relax at home. It should be your sanctuary, after all.

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