How Start an Antique Chinese Furniture Collection


Antique Chinese Furniture in SingaporeCollecting antiques has always been a highly rewarding hobby. For some collectors, it is merely for personal satisfaction, while for most, it makes a great investment and business option. What’s great about antique pieces is they tend to have higher value over time. For example, a rare Chinese pot that may have been bought a couple of decades ago for 50 dollars could be sold today for perhaps 10 to 20 times its original price.

Antique Chinese furniture are a favourite among collectors and businessmen. Old furniture made during certain dynasties in China gain so much interest because of their distinct designs, craftsmanship and rare materials used. Other even played an important role in the Asian country’s history.

If you want to start collecting Chinese antique furniture, it pays to start things the right way. Here are a few ideas:

Do your homework

Seasoned antique buyers can differentiate an authentic piece from a recent reproduction. Unfortunately, this could be very difficult for someone who is new in the biz. Learn as much as possible about old Chinese furniture and know about their distinct features such as the material, joinery, and carvings. Collectors of Chinese antique furniture in Singapore also suggest focusing on a particular type of furniture or era when it was made.

Know the factors that dictate the prices

Antiques come in different prices, depending on several factors such as origin, rarity and provenance. Another deciding factor is whether the piece has undergone restoration. If you’re after a piece with high selling value, go for one that is untouched and still in its original form. This would mean shelling out a huge sum of money, of course.

Deal with reputable antique shops

You can get great finds in old furniture stores and art boutiques, as most antique pieces out there are mixed with regular second-hand furniture and tend to be bought by people who are clueless of the real value of the antique. However, it pays that novice collectors start by buying from established antique dealers. Seasoned dealers can give you expert advice and you can ensure that you’re buying a genuine piece.

Keep these things in mind so you can start collecting Chinese antique furniture the right way.

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