How Screen Printing Can Affect Your Business and Its Advantages Aver Digital Printing


    Screen Printing in AucklandScreen printing has been growing in popularity recently with businesses like Signs n Stuff specializing in screen printing services popping out left and right. Screen printing, also known as silkscreen printing, is the best option for designs that require a high level of vibrancy. The ink in screen printing is applied thicker than in digital printing, which results in brighter colors.

Screen printing offers many advantages over digital printing.

#1: Versatility.

Screen printing can accommodate a wide range of different materials. This means printers can produce banners, signage, t-shirts, flyers, cards, hats, and even shoes all from the same screens. Fabric is the most used ground material but you can also print on metal, wood, glass, ceramic, leather, and basically mostly any material you can think of.

#2: Cost efficiency.

You can use the same screens for a design thus lowering costs. Inks for screen prints are generally cheaper than inks for use in digital printing for the same quality. This makes it the most suitable printing process for a large batch or order for the same design.

#3: Consistency

The quality of each product will remain consistent despite the underlying ground material. This gives businesses the opportunity to produce a range of branded products for customers, storefronts, or the office.

#4: Durability

Screen printing uses pressure to force the ink into the ground material. This creates printed products that have very durable graphics. The graphics will be very hard to wash away or peel off.

So with the advantages listed above, you’re probably thinking about how this can affect your business right? Since screen printing offers high-quality prints on virtually any surface or material you can think of and is cost-effective, it offers a better way to attach your product or company branding to a multitude of products and materials. This also offers a different approach to signage.

Everyone encounters at least some form of signage wherever they go. Signs affect businesses by attracting customers and letting them know what kind of services a business offers, so a vibrant sign on a unique material is guaranteed to catch a customer’s interest and attention.

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