How Much Should You Spend on Porcelain Tiles?

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An average budget for ceramic tile flooring in Orange County, California, may cost from $1,614 to $2,343. You should expect the actual price to vary based on several factors.

However, the price range may be the same in other parts of the country, including Santa Ana. Most homeowners in the city spend almost $2,000 to have ceramic tile floors. Professional labor will account for a large part of expenses, which may cost around $1,174 for 16.4 hours of work on 215 square feet of space. In case you plan to install tiles by yourself, you can only spend approximately $753 for the tiles and materials.

How to Estimate Expenses

Tile suppliers and retailers in Santa usually sell tiles per square foot, which may cost between $8 and $11 for materials. You can have a better price estimate after measuring the floor space in rooms that need tiling, although this would be much easier if you hire a contractor. Always buy more than enough tiles as replacements. You may find it hard to buy a new one that matches the old ones when you need to replace the damaged part of the floor.

For instance, an online calculator shows that you need around 3,520 pieces of 3×3-inch tiles for 200 square feet of space. When you choose 4×4-inch tiles for the same area, you will need approximately 1,980 pieces. Based on these figures, larger tiles mean fewer parts after careful measurement of the area’s length and width.

Whichever size you choose, you should include at least 10% of the estimated number for additional pieces. Once you decide on a specific size, be aware that some stores may advertise ceramic and porcelain tiles as the same. However, there are particular distinctions between the two common types.

The Difference Between Ceramic and Porcelain

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A simple way to distinguish ceramic from porcelain requires you to know the tiles’ efficiency on absorbing water. Porcelain tiles have more resistance against moisture, hence reducing the risk of water damage and penetration. You should use porcelain for bathroom or kitchen floors for this reason. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) said that porcelain tiles have a 0.5% lower absorption rate.

Choose ceramic when you have a limited budget and only plan to install it in a dry area. You can manually cut tiles. Don’t use ceramic tiles for outdoor flooring, especially in places that often become wet. Moisture-resistance isn’t the only thing that sets porcelain apart from ceramic. The tile industry even formed an organization that set the standard definitions of porcelain.

Certified porcelain tiles aren’t just resistant to moisture. The products should meet the ASTM C373 standards and once cleared, the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency will grant its certification that needs to be renewed every three years.

Ceramic tiles cost less than most types of tiling options available on the market. You can strengthen its moisture resistance by applying waterproof and sealant products. Trust only reputable suppliers and contractors when you plan to install tile flooring in Orange County.

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