How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Dishwasher?

a man repairing the dishwasher

Households in the U.S. spend between $100 and $200 for repairing their dishwasher, although the cost may be more or less expensive based on professional fees and the kind of appliance.

The cost of a commercial dishwasher repair may cost you more depending on the scope of necessary work. Commercial dishwashers have become a common choice for those who run a catering business at home or simply prefer a machine that can handle more dishes.

DIY Repairs

If you have a limited budget, some problems only require your time and effort to solve them. Food that becomes stuck in the filter can be prevented by rinsing dishes first under running water. Check the machine’s heater if dishes take too long to dry, which means that you may need to replace it.

Food debris can also cause blocked drains and smelly odors, so be sure to clean them regularly. When in doubt, it’s better to hire a contractor. Anything that involves wiring and other electrical components in a home appliance are best left to the service of a professional. You can choose to replace your dishwasher if repairs will cost more than a brand-new machine.

Buying a Replacement

Built-in dishwashers under the counter may be the most common type for homes, although this isn’t a good option for those who want a spacious cupboard. The standard size for this unit measures 24 inches, but you can find some units that are 18 inches wide for smaller kitchens.

Newer models have enhanced features such as faster washing cycles and heated drying. However, it may be more expensive and not as economical if you are a small family.


While DIY repairs are the first thing that comes into mind for appliance repairs, you should leave the work to experts once you find it hard to fix the problem before you do more harm than good.

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