How Landscaping Adds Value to Your Home


If you want to sell or refinance your home or simply want to make it more beautiful, then you should try out landscaping. A gorgeous front lawn can do wonders for your home. Your front yard is the first thing that people see when they go to your home, so you want to leave a good impression. Here is why you can benefit from landscaping and tips that you can try out:

A Beautiful Investment

A home with great landscaping can quickly increase in value. Depending on your home’s original value and what kind of landscaping was done, you can raise the price of your home by 5.5% to 12.7%. If your home has an estimated value of $300,000, landscaping can add as much as $38,000. However, landscaping is an excellent investment, even if you are not planning to refinance or sell your home. Landscaping is a fantastic way to make your home more comfortable and beautiful. A well-landscaped home is more welcoming, which will make you enjoy your surroundings while adding more financial value.

Plan Strategically

lanscape plan

Landscaping is a lot more than just adding a few plants to your front lawn. The landscape design can affect how much value your home will have. Planting flowers in random parts of your yard will not make your home more valuable. If you want to try out landscaping for your home, then you should make a strategic plan to make it worth your while.

When you make a plan, think about what it would look like in the long term. If you plant a tree in a specific area, would it be great there in the future when it is fully grown? It could block a window in your home, or the roots could break any nearby concrete. Before you pick up a shovel, you should try to draw a plan of what you want your front yard to look like. You should also think about other things too, like a color scheme or theme that you want to follow.

You should also think about what plants you will put on your front lawn. Mature plants can add value to a home because they show potential buyers that you took care of them, which can translate to you taking good care of the rest of the house. You have a wide range of options to choose from as well when you choose plants, so make sure you get ones that suit the climate. For instance, fuschia and bamboo flourish in tropical climates, whereas oak trees and roses thrive in temperate climates. Be sure to get excellent landscaping supplies, Utah, to start gardening the right way.

More Than Plants

Landscaping does not stop at plants. You can add various things to your front lawn to make it appealing. For instance, water on your front yard can be attractive. We are not talking about a pool — a small pond can quickly increase your property’s value. You could also get more outdoor lighting to add a stylish aesthetic to your front lawn.

If you want to increase your home’s property value and make it more welcoming, you should try out landscaping!

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