How Do Car Dents Occur?

car dent

Owning a car will surely give you the experience of dealing with all the maintenance concerns that go with it. Sometimes, damages and breakdowns could even frustrate you if you don’t have a trusted car service to go to. From minor door ding repairs to more complex hail damage repair in Denver, CO and other places, all will be part of your experience. A road accident is not the only way a car gets damaged. More frequent yet less expensive are the repairs for dents. How frequent? Sometimes, you wouldn’t even know what happened and when. Though a car dent is considered moderate damage that you can easily squeeze into your budget, avoiding one can surely cut costs in car maintenance. Here are the common causes of car dents that you should avoid:

  • Hail. Most minor dent repairs are easy and fast. However, the extent of damage of hail can be as little as scratches or as big as dents that would include paint damage. Mother nature won’t be gentle in the middle of a hailstorm, so keep your car under shelter. Hail could cause multiple dents on your car that would require an expert to fix. If you are not prepared to protect your vehicle during a hailstorm, call for an inspection when the storm subsides. Have the dents fixed by a professional so as not to leave the invisible ones.
    Man checking car exterior
  • Day-to-day activities. One common place where cars get dents is in public parking spaces. Anything can happen to your car when you leave it outside. Balls and hockey pucks can cause dents when you are away. Some children choose to play in open spaces like a parking area, and that results in damages caused by sports equipment.You might mistakenly park under a tree where debris or acorns could fall on your car. Let’s say the parking space is indoors, would it be safe? Without anything falling on your car, the only problem is when you are not used to reverse parking in a tight space. You might bump into another’s car, or another might bump into yours when you’re parked to close to a curb. Your car can also get dents because of another car’s door when passengers mindlessly open their doors.
  • Collision. Rear-end collisions against a fire hydrant or a stationary car while pulling up in a parking space are usually at low-speed. This could result in dents that can be easily repaired without the need for a repaint. Collisions are often caused by distracted drivers, so the best way to avoid them is to stay focused. In the case of serious collisions, contact a mechanic right away for minor car detailing.

These are just some of the most common causes of dents that we fail to observe and avoid. Knowing them can help us be mindful of our daily activities, be conscious of our actions while parking, and do the necessary precautions to protect our vehicle against the damages caused by accidents and natural elements.

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