How Clothes and Physical Appearance Affect Perception

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No matter what occasion a person’s attending, it’s necessary to dress to impress. In an interview, the company will judge a person with how they present themselves by the clothes they wear. When speaking in front of an audience, the speaker must look presentable to command the attention of the audience. When trying to sweep another person off their feet, one’s appearance, and how they carry themselves may play a significant role in getting a second date.

However, there is an event when you don’t have to impress anyone—you just have to be confident. Think of a wedding. When the bride looks at the mirror, she should find herself beautiful. When she looks back to photos of her wedding day, she should be able to admire how elegant and dreamy her wedding dress from Orem, Utah is. Therefore, picking out the right clothes for specific occasions is crucial to building up a person’s energy for the rest of the day.

“Enclothed Cognition”

Psychologists have studied the correlation of a person’s psychology with the clothes they wear. The psychologists found that the symbol represented by the clothing affects the way individuals’ brains work. In their study, they used a doctor’s lab coat and a painter’s coat. When the subjects put on the doctor’s lab coat, they embodied the focus, intelligence, and attention-to-detail of doctors while the artist’s coat influenced them to become creative and free-thinkers. Therefore, the study proves that people adopt the characteristics of their clothing.

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The Halo Effect

Also known as “The Physical Attractiveness Stereotype,” The Halo Effect is the bias of perception when it comes to good-looking people. According to this principle, people are most likely to think positively of physically appealing people. Other people perceive pretty and handsome individuals as more intelligent, painting them in a good light. This bias is so influential that “One study even found that jurors were less likely to believe that attractive people were guilty of criminal behavior.” Hence, attractive people have this privilege of earning more, being treated nicely, and likability.

Clothing and confidence

Some pieces of clothing make people feel like they can conquer the world. This is why people use clothing to assert dominance. Imagine if Meryl Streep’s character showed up to work in sweatpants and a t-shirt. While she is a powerful boss, she may not exude fashion-forward energy when critiquing looks, diminishing the credibility of her words.

According to a survey conducted by Kia, high heels, a little black dress, and designer perfume boosted the confidence of women while a new suit does the magic for men. It’s simple: when we feel we look good, we are ready to face whoever and whatever the day throws at us. May it be a mortal enemy or someone cute at the bar, we can tell them to bring it on.

Take the time to choose your clothes.

No matter how much people deny it, others judge the book by its cover. Therefore, being ready for first impressions or even just feeling good about yourself can start with choosing the outfit for the day.

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