Here’s Why Amora Moissanite is a Great Alternative to Diamond


Amora Moissanite When it comes to moissanite and diamond, many people cannot distinguish the difference at first glance. This makes moissanite comparable to the most expensive gem on earth while costing only a fraction of the price of the former. You need to understand that these two minerals differ in many ways, regardless of the fact that they almost look the same.

At its core

Moissanite is a mineral. First unearthed over a century ago, many people thought that the polished version of these stones looks like a diamond. Although it has become increasingly popular as an alternative to the priciest gem in the world, they still do not share the same chemical composition. Moissanite is now manufactured in laboratories.

Moissanite, according to experts from, boasts of a greater refractive index compared to diamonds and another popular diamond alternative — cubic zirconia. This means it has more fire to it as well as brilliance. For a fraction of the price of a diamond, moissanite really does get a lot of attraction.

The amora moissanite

Although the most popular type of moissanite is the Forever Brilliant version, you have another option: to buy an amora moissanite in place of this commonly sought-after diamond alternative.

Amora moissanite has a basic chemical composition of silicon carbide, creating hexagonal bonds. The stone undergoes high-pressure treatment for hardness and durability. The high-temperature treatment makes it brilliant. In terms of cost, it does have a slightly higher price, but the extra cash you will shell out is truly worth it.

Although traditionally, diamond remains a top jewel, especially for engagement and wedding rings, you should still consider going for a moissanite, especially when you do not have a budget for the expensive diamond.

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