Hearth and Comfort: Fireplaces Ideas for Your Home

outdoor fireplace

Most people assume that fireplaces are only used in interior spaces. With the shift towards connecting with nature, the outdoors are becoming one of the best spots to include a fireplace. It’s a simple addition that will turn your outdoors into a welcoming and cozy place.

If you have been lighting a few pieces of wood to create a campfire-like atmosphere, it is time to get a fireplace replacement for your Salt Lake City property. The ‘camp-fire’ atmosphere is not only dirty but also places your property at high risk of burning down. There are now modern safe, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing outdoor fireplace options that can transform all residential and commercial landscapes. Here are some of the best ones.

Kit Masonry Fireplaces

These are arguably the cheapest option for an outdoor fireplace. A kit masonry fireplace is ordered in various sizes with predetermined flue and smoke shelf sizing. Most of the fireplaces come with custom features and can be veneered with various brick and stone facades. The best choice for their installation is a professional one though they come with instructions. This will guarantee the fireplace fits perfectly into your landscape and enhance its fuel efficiency.

Cast Limestone or Precast Fireplaces

These are portable fireplaces primarily designed for gas rather than wood burning. They come with various features which allow them to have an authentic fireplace look complete with the illusion of burning wood and a burning aroma. The features of cast limestone and precast fireplaces take minimal time to install with professional help, and the fireplaces have a high fuel efficiency.

woman enjoying her drink beside the fireplaceCustom Masonry Fireplaces

These are fireplaces which are installed from the ground on an area of your property. The key considerations when installing a custom masonry fireplace is its flue size, smoke shelf fabrication, chimney height, and firebox size. There is also a range of structural and architectural considerations to consider when building the fireplace. Though not portable, custom masonry fireplaces are the best alternative for property owners looking for a one-of-the-kind outdoor fireplace since they allow you to personalize its features. You can hence include water features, match it with your existing architecture and add features for controlling windbreaks.


In the past, chimineas had closed sides, a chimney and an opening at their front. Modern ones, however, have all their sides open and a chimney supported by sturdy mesh walls and a cast iron frame. Most will also have a spark arrestor to avert the distribution of flaming debris into enclosed spaces. Chimineas are often set on cast iron frames for their stabilization and too heavy to move around. They are ideal for uncovered porches and patios but might not suffice for cooking.

Most property owners will assume that the above fireplaces are expensive to maintain and install and are hence a preserve of commercial establishments. These outdoor fireplaces will, however, fit virtually all spaces. Moreover, they are inexpensive to maintain provided they are installed by a professional. Outdoor fireplaces will be the best feature to include in your backyard if you are aiming to give it an inexpensive revamp.

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