Hacks Honda Owners Should Do to Extend their Car’s Life


Car Care in Chilliwack Honda automobiles have long since established a name for themselves for their resistance to common car-related problems and longevity. However, as a Honda owner, you know your ride consists of both mechanical and electrical parts, which means that you have to take full responsibility of taking good care of them.

You want your Honda investment to last for a long time (as cars don’t come with a cheaply), so implement these hacks to prevent major vehicle issues from arising and help your ride live longer.

Do not postpone tire pressure adjustments.

One of the most critical “don’ts” of preventative car maintenance is incorrect tire pressure. Not only does incorrect pressure affect the quality and life span of tires; they also put you at greater risk of getting involved in an accident.

Every type of Honda car has their own sets of tires, so make sure you know the optimal tire pressure for yours. Allow them to remain under-inflated, and this will just result in increased wear on the tires’ sides. Over inflation, on the other hand, negatively impacts your ride’s center area.

Replace your spark plugs with iridium ones.

Some of the newer models already come with these, but if yours does not, consider replacing your existing spark plugs with the iridium version. They help boost fuel economy, increase acceleration, add power, and augment throttle response.

Correctly time your transmission fluid changes.

Constantly delaying changes of transmission fluid will gradually destroy critical parts of your Honda, specifically its synchros and gears. This then results in these parts having to work harder than necessary, ultimately shortening their life span, explains an expert from Murrayhonda.ca.

The rule of thumb many car owners follow is to change transmission fluid after the fourth oil change, or when their ride reaches 16,000 miles.

As long as you follow these tactics, you increase your chances of having a longer-lasting automobile. Also, make sure that when you do bring in your car for regular professional maintenance, you bring it to a reliable Chilliwack Honda service shop.

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