The Good and the Bad Sides of Social Media: How to Handle Negative Feedback from Customers


Let’s face it: Social Media Marketing is powerful. After all, people use social media sites to share their personal experiences, post photos of what they bought, and inform others about new or interesting things.

seoThough many business owners today join the social media world to connect with customers, others have second thoughts. Some are worried about the potential repercussions. No matter how much you prepare for it, your business may still encounter unhappy customers.

Let this article help you solve problems before they get worse.

Be Quick to Acknowledge

The first step you should take is to reply promptly. Do not wait too long to post on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Your answer matters to customers, so you have to respond the moment you read their feedback. Always think of your response, as it can make or break you. If a day has passed and your mistake goes viral, you may want to get some help to make things right and strengthen your reputation. Industry expert says that online reputation management services can help you establish a clear brand identity.

Own Up to Your Mistake

As a business owner, you should do everything to develop and maintain your reputation. When you encounter an angry customer, it’s best to say sorry when it is indeed your fault. Don’t hide it, ignore it, or worse, delete the comment. Even if it’s the most difficult thing to do, consider taking the blame. If you put your feet in other’s shoes, you will realize it’s hard to argue when bad experience is involved.

Settle the Issue

Sometimes, a simple apology can’t resolve all problems. If this happens, you need to prepare and have a more organized approach. A replacement of product or perhaps a discount can help. Offer to fix the situation the best way you can. In the world of business, remember that a customer is always right.

Everything you do online increases your visibility – mistakes and wrongdoings included. With the help of this article, you can turn a negative feedback into a golden opportunity to earn people’s trust.

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