Give In to Architectural Nostalgia With Ranch-Style Homes

Rural neighborhood

City-life isn’t for everyone. While the fast pace of living, constant roar of traffic and nonstop activities can be appealing to some people, other people want some peace and quiet. These things can be hard to come by in a small city like Tulsa, and even harder in a bustling metropolis like Los Angeles.

For those who want a change of scenery, America’s countryside offers small, quiet towns and a more sedentary pace of life. But to truly enjoy the soothing essence of quiet country living you need the perfect home for it. Why not choose an architectural style that evokes all the nostalgia of the wholesome America of the mid-20th century. Why not choose a ranch-style house?

The Features of an American Classic

Whether you’re building your own from loans granted by the USDA or buying one from its previous owner, all ranch-style houses share several design features that mark them as kindred buildings.

The most noticeable features of a ranch-style home are its single-story nature and the wide, asymmetrical design of the facade. These buildings hug the ground and sprawl outward like a living thing, usually in an L-shaped configuration.  If they have garages, they’re usually part of the street-facing side of the house.  Natural construction materials are common among these houses, truly evoking the essence of rural areas. Their open floor plans bring to mind the wide fields and pastures of the countryside. These beautiful homes aren’t just easy on the eyes; they also come with benefits that increase their appeal.

The Benefits of a Ranch-Style House

Suburban ranch style home

Because of the way they sprawl over a property, ranch-style homes have more square footage than some home designs. There’s more room to enjoy your new life in the countryside and lots of space for multiple people. They’re perfect for raising a family, with room to spare for future additions. The open floor increases the space available for family gatherings and gives you more room to explore interior design options.

Since ranch-style homes are mostly single-story affairs, with some split-level exceptions, older generations won’t have to contend with any steps of stairs when they navigate their way around the place.

Wide windows are also common in these homes, making sure you and your family can enjoy natural lighting. It helps that the structure of these buildings also makes indoor-outdoor living easy, bringing the charms of the country into your house.

All these features combine to make ranch-style houses the most popular home in over 30 states in the U.S. They comprise 81 percent of the housing market in both Ohio and North Carolina. Ranch-style homes are also easier on the wallet. In Seattle, they carried a price tag of $250 per square foot in 2017, considerably lower than the $397 per square foot average at that time.

While other styles of homes and apartment living may become more popular from time to time, the ranch-style house is here to stay. It provides families with an affordable dwelling where they have the room to grow and explore. These houses bring people closer to the outdoors while keeping them safe from the elements. They’re more than just houses, they’re homes.

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