Get Your Mobility Back With A Wheelchair Ramp

Man in a Wheelchair on a Ramp

Most people living with disabilities today were not born with them as is the common misconception. Fewer than 15% of Americans started off their life with their disability, and one in five people who have disabilities got them at a later date.

One in Four 20-Year-Olds will have a Disability Before Retirement

Of today’s 20-year-olds, one in four will have developed a disability before they reach retirement age. The most common reason for a disability benefit claim in 2012 was due to musculoskeletal disorders and connective tissue disorders (for example, arthritis or fibromyalgia), followed by cancer, injuries and poisoning, mental health disorders and cardiovascular disease.

Mobility issues and pain can necessitate the need for a walking frame or wheelchair. The experts at Ascent Mobility explain that limited flexibility and having to use assistive devices can make leaving the house a major operation with steps at doorways and other obstacles to face. This can be frustrating, particularly for people who are used to just getting up and going when they feel like it.

Wheelchair Ramps are the Way Forward

To maintain independence and reclaim freedom, getting a wheelchair ramp or lift could make all the difference. A ramp means that the individual can easily enter and exit their residence without the risk of falling. It will also make transporting shopping bags easier as well as using a wheelchair.

Different Ramps, Different Needs

There are lots of different types of ramp: semi-permanent ones that can be fixed to the house and removed again when no longer needed, channel ramps for a lower cost option or portable ramps that are lightweight and easy to move. They come with non-slip coatings and with or without handrails so that each customer can tailor a ramp to their needs.

If you need wheelchair ramps or elevators for your home in Denver, you can choose wheelchair lifts or vehicle lifts that could be light -weight, portable, and even can be turned when needed.

Many people do not plan on having an accident or disability, but if it inevitably happens, there are ways you can still face the future with equipment to maintain your mobility.

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