Gaming Laptops: Heresy or Possibility?


When most people think about a gaming rig, massive towers with multiple screens come to mind. However, there are some instances when you can’t go with a standard PC and laptops do have an advantage.


A standard gaming rig will take up a bit of space, much more the ostentatious ones with multiple screens. Not everyone has space — even if it’s just a small desktop. If you’re sharing a room or just living in a cramped apartment, space is a luxury. You might not afford to use it up on a tower PC and the necessary desk for it.

A laptop takes up very little space, and it’s not a permanent fixture in a room. You can open it up and play a few games on the dining table and just put it away when it’s time to eat. It might take a bit of getting used to, but soon you’ll be playing whatever game on your bed. Just make sure to keep it down and limit the cursing and screaming.


If a tablet isn’t enough to satisfy your gaming cravings, then bring your laptop along with you. Carry it around or put it in your bag, imagine doing that with a standard PC. Of course, there are a lot of games that you can play offline, but you can still go online with a good Wi-Fi connection.

You might get a few stares if you stay too long in a cafe, especially if your audio jack is out and everyone hears gunshots and explosions. Tapping into public Wi-Fi has its risks, so make sure you have the necessary firewalls and security measures to avoid getting your data stolen or corrupted.

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Group Gaming

If you’re into MOBAs and MMORPGs, talking over the mic just doesn’t cut it, especially with rowdy friends. The ‘90s had LAN games where gamers brought their desktops to a friend’s house to play a game of Doom, Quake, or Warcraft 2. Getting together with your gaming rigs is a lot easier with laptops.

With just a large table or two, some cable (WiFi can’t be trusted, especially with five lives on the line), and the necessary friends, you can elevate your team fights by shouting over each other and laughing your hearts out when someone makes a fumble.

Seriously, a Gaming Laptop?

The term “gaming laptop” might have been an oxymoron years ago, but technology has advanced to make it feasible. Although the best rigs are still tho standard towers, gaming laptops aren’t too far behind.

Of course, your specs might not be as good as a PC (for the same price), but you can still find an affordable gaming laptop, especially if you assemble the parts yourself or have one custom built. Just buy the necessary peripherals, unless you want to handicap yourself by using your laptop’s touchpad (seriously, don’t).

You can’t always get what you want. However, if you make an effort to build an actual gaming laptop, you might just get what you need.

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