Five Siding Materials that You Should Consider

exterior of a house

Most of us have seen houses with an aesthetically pleasing exterior because of the siding material they use. Homeowners use siding to enhance the beauty of the home, increase the durability of the structure, and boost energy efficiency.

There are many types of siding that one can select. Ensure that you choose one that matches your home’s style. Here are some of the choices available for different types of siding:

1.    Vinyl siding

Research by the U.S. Census Bureau reports that vinyl siding is the most popular type of siding. Its popularity is due to various factors, including low cost, a wide range of colors, and durability. It is also versatile because it comes in different profiles. Vinyl siding’s durability is excellent, coming with a 30-40 year warranty. Its color range is extensive, while its texture options are versatile. It is easy to clean with a simple hose. It is also a low-cost choice. If you need help, you can hire an expert in vinyl siding installation.

2.    Fiber cement siding

It looks and feels like wood. However, unlike wood, it is resistant to insect activity. Fiber cement is resistant to rot and saltwater. Its fire-resistance is very high. Fiber cement is more expensive than vinyl and requires re-painting every decade or so. Chipping will expose discoloration since the color is not set deep.

3.    Brick siding

This is long-lasting. It can last for over one hundred years. It does not need repainting and is weatherproof. The features reduce home insurance premiums. The main disadvantage is that it is a costly choice of siding. Most homeowners prefer painting the siding, but once painted, it is impossible to return it to a brick finish. Once the brick siding gets old, the joints will deteriorate as the mortar weakens. Well, that will happen generations down the line. Many will happily leave that problem to their grandchildren!

4.    Metal siding

Metal siding, which can be aluminum or steel, looks unique and modern if professionally installed. Aluminum is good in salty areas, while steel is ideal for places prone to hail due to its robustness. Metal siding is almost maintenance-free. It is also fire-resistant, ideal for those who live in areas prone to wildfires such as California. Steel siding, however, is heavy and thus expensive to install. Metal is also susceptible to rust and will look unsightly if not resealed or repainted as soon as markings begin to show.

5.    Wood siding

wooden siding of a house

Many people like the natural look of wood siding, so it is quite popular. It is eco-friendly, light, and easy to install. It is also very energy-efficient. However, it is prone to damage from insects and water. Wood is high-maintenance, requiring frequent staining and repainting. Since wood is a type of fuel, it is a fire hazard in dry and wildfire-prone areas.

With all the available types of siding out there, it is imperative to choose wisely. Understand the pros and cons of each kind. Also, ensure that you hire the right expert to install them.

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