Find Natural-looking Replacement Teeth With Dental Implants, Harley Street

wearing dentures

Losing a tooth or several teeth can be an experience to change how someone thinks about the way they use their mouth, as they may feel the need to compensate for the lost tooth or teeth when it comes to carrying the normal tasks of the mouth. They may feel there is a need to do this to avoid discomfort or embarrassment.

Many of those who suffer tooth loss may start to investigate ways to replace the missing teeth, commonly by looking at dentures or bridges that they can place in the mouth to recreate the lost tooth or teeth, but not on a permanent level. This may lead to some deciding to seek out a long-term, fixed-in-place solution that they can use in the same way as their natural teeth.

Dental implants, Harley Street, may be the permanent solution to tooth loss that many may be looking for, providing a real alternative to the use of dentures or bridges.

Just as strong as your natural teeth

These dental implants are designed to be able to deal with the normal stresses our natural teeth are exposed to throughout our daily lives, they are also designed to feel and look perfectly natural once they are placed in the mouth.

Created by first placing a titanium screw into the jawbone to form a strong and sturdy base for a crown to sit upon, a patient can feel confident that their new replacement teeth will stay firmly in place. The crown at the head of the screw will be moulded to the shape of a tooth, allowing it to blend in with any remaining teeth once it is coloured to match.

Taking back control

fitting new dentures

Many people who lose a tooth or several teeth start to feel the need to change their eating habits, because they find it difficult to cope with tougher foods, as they are using the gums and jawbone to perform the task of any missing teeth. This means biting and chewing food may become hard work and painful, hence the need to avoid tougher foods.

Since the replacement teeth are designed to be as hard-wearing and strong as any natural teeth, the need to avoid difficult foodstuffs will no longer be something the patient needs to be concerned about. Meaning, they are free to enjoy an evening out in a restaurant with a loved one without any limitations around what food they can eat.

Reclaiming the smile

For those who lose a tooth or teeth at the front of the mouth, smiling may become an issue in their mind, as they may wish to avoid embarrassment. Some may try to seek to avoid smiling when out in public or when having a photograph taken. For these people implants offer them a way to reclaim the smile they may feel they have lost.

Made to last

With the right care, these replacement teeth will last any patient a lifetime, with very little need to change their routines, as the care required is the same as used when caring for natural teeth, brushing, and flossing.

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