What Are the Best Employee Well-being Initiatives?


Today, most employers are leaving no stone unturned to seek the best environment for employees at work. A satisfied employee is an asset for your company, while a dissatisfied one is a liability. In order to make an employee happy, a pay hike isn’t enough. A lot more considerations need to be made, but ensuring employee satisfaction does not have to be complicated. You can do simple things to enhance employee morale and health.

You can initiate workplace programs to give your employees an escape from mundane life. It also tends to improve your company’s brand and image. With the work-from-home arrangement during the pandemic, employees want to spend quality time in their cubicles with peers. Therefore, you can arrange some activities and wellness programs to motivate your employees and keep them fit.

Open On-site Fitness Centers

Although it may seem like a massive expenditure for you, it will give you huge returns in the future. Not everyone can afford a 5,000-square-foot gym. However, you can create a small space adjoining the cafeteria. It will serve you the dual purpose of a cafeteria and a gym. Bring in a few fitness machines like an elliptical trainer, an exercycle, a manual treadmill, and a twister.

Incorporating one in your premises will not do much good if no one utilizes the space. If possible, incentivize the activities. Inform your employees that regular attendance at the gym would count during appraisals. This way, you will indeed have them grooving there. It is an excellent example of a wellness initiative, given the sedentary nature of most desk jobs.

Arrange a Sea Party

Banquet halls and convention centers in the city are a passe. You should give your employees something new to experience. Today there’s a trend of hosting events and parties in the middle of the sea. Whether it’s an annual seminar, sales meeting, rewards and recognition program, or party, it will be best to rent a corporate boat and make the event a blast. A lake or river will be a closer alternative if none is near you. It will also create a good name for your brand in front of thousands of onlookers on the banks.

Sea party is a hit for hosting corporate dinner parties. Most ships have live grills and loads of activities. Additionally, you may get a complementary host for your program. Thus, it counts towards your budget savings as well. You can spend that time with delegates and employees. Communication makes it better, and it engages all. This will give a boost to your employee wellness initiatives. Off-site events are more enjoyable than on-site ones, at times.

Encourage Yoga

doing yoga

How about arranging yoga sessions on-site? It is a great way to boost your employees’ mental and physical well-being. Yoga is a holistic 5,000 years old science that can also transform your personality. Most psychologists and therapists use yoga to solve various patient-related issues, so you can also give it a try. It is needless to say that it alleviates stress and strain from the mind.

If the mind is fit and happy, one can achieve any deadline or target. Make it a top priority for your sales team. They are the revenue-generators of the company and need a boost now and then. You could have the classes in groups to not hamper the workflow.

Allow Afternoon Naps

Many yesteryear bosses hayed employees who slept at their desks during lunchtime. However, things have changed. Millennial bosses do not look at it from a negative angle, which is why you will find some MNCs offering nap rooms on their premises. Give your employees flexible schedules alongside and see how energetic they are at after-lunch meetings.

If you catch anyone napping at odd hours, you can ask them not to. However, few people energize through short 15-minute naps, allowing them freedom. They will give you back the returns in more ways than you can imagine since a fresh mind means more productivity, more revenue, good health, which results in less absenteeism, and so much more.

Schedule Adventure Outings

You should also consider taking employees for various off-site activities to adventure arcades and the outdoors. Bouldering and rock climbing are activities that anyone can try. Additionally, many such indoor and outdoor adventure zones are up and running in various corners of the US. These activities often give an adrenaline rush. You can also engage them in paintball sessions, as these are active games. The core idea of adventures and activities is for your employees to enjoy the workplace, its people, and its culture.

After a day or two at such parks and centers, you will find the employees bursting with enthusiasm and energy. Sessions of golf help employees in developing focus at work, while military training simulation can help them crack tough negotiations apart from such games. Hence, it pays off in the long run and is an excellent investment. Such activities also promote bond and thus cooperation and coordination in the workplace, which are essential for any company’s growth and success.

These are a few ways you can initiate employee wellness programs. Apart from boosting your employees’ overall health, you will see the cash registers ringing soon. Therefore, it is a good investment with certain returns.

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