Famous Couples and their Uncommon Prenup Agreements


CoupleIt’s all about business in the entertainment industry. But sometimes, celebrities go overboard by integrating business with their personal life, particularly marriage. Famed actors, artists, and other personalities earn millions of dollars. That’s the main reason prenuptial agreements are necessary for them.

Standard contracts contain the rightful division of assets and responsibilities. The practitioners from Lewis & Matthews, P.C. say that written agreements help support a marriage. It’s a preemptive action in case things go sour in a relationship. These celebrity couples have other things in mind, though.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

JT’s relationship with Jessica Biel went on-and-off for about a year because of cheating rumors. As Jessica wanted to make sure the Prince of Pop will not have any good reason to cheat on her, she included a prenuptial clause stating that she would get a divorce and the sum of $500,000 in case he becomes unfaithful.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian

Talk about gaining through a loss. In their agreement, should the relationship end in divorce, Khloe will get $500,000 for each year of their marriage, $25,000 a month in support, $5,000 a month for shopping, $1,000 for beauty care, the house, a new car, and courtside seats at L.A. Lakers games.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

The frontman of the musical trio The Ranch had problems with drug abuse in the past. To ensure the security of Nicole’s future, they had a common agreement that she’ll get $640,000 for every of their marriage if Keith starts abusing illegal drugs again. The country singer won’t get anything, though.

Jay Z and Beyoncé

The power couple’s relationship was rumored to be on the rocks. But in case they divorce, Queen B will get $1 million for every year of their marriage (max. of 15 years), $5 million for every baby they’ll have, and $10 million if it ends before two years.

Prenuptial agreements are more of a personal matter for couples. For celebrities, it’s their way to ensure their future in the marriage amidst the uncertainties that surround the entertainment industry.

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